Bronx Science's Literary Magazine

Dynamo is Bronx Science's one and only literary magazine. The staff meets every Wednesday during 11th period in room 222 to discuss submissions before voting them in or out of the magazine, which is published at the end of each year.

If you'd like to submit something to Dynamo, you can either email us at or bring a hard copy of the submission to room 222, where you will find a red folder for submissions right next to the door.

This website is an online extension of Dynamo, allowing us to post accepted pieces throughout the year. Every few weeks we will renew the material on the site, replacing what was previously on it with what was accepted since the time when the older submissions were posted.

 What can I submit?

Dynamo is now accepting pieces that it never could before! This website opens the door to new submissions such as short films, music, animations, and more!

We accept almost any kind of submission!

Just to give you an idea:

- Poems  -Short stories

- Sketches  - Paintings

- Photography  - Comic books

- Critiques     - Songs

- Films   - Dialogues

Submit whatever you like!

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